Machinery For Hire

Machinery 1 Day Rate Per Extra Day Week Rate (5 days)  Weekend Rate
Earthquake Cultivator - Petrol £37.50ex  £18.75ex £75.00ex £45.00ex
Efco Pedestrian Scarifier Ag50-h60 50cm - Petrol  £64.00ex £32.00ex £128.00ex £76.80ex
Greenmech Arborist 130 Wood Chipper - Petrol 6” £115.00ex £67.50ex £300.00ex £180.00ex
Greenmech Arborist 150 Wood Chipper - Diesel 6” £130.00ex £65.00ex £330.00ex £220.00ex
Greenmech Arborist 200 Wood Chipper - Diesel 6” £170.00ex £90.00ex £390.00ex £250.00ex
Greenmech Arbtrak 150 Tracked Woodchipper - Diesel 6” £190.00ex £112.50ex £430.00ex £300.00ex
Grillo G85d Rotovator - Petrol £80.00ex £40.00ex £160.00ex £96.00ex
Husqvarna 143RII Brushcutter - Petrol  £40.00ex £20.00ex £80.00ex £48.00ex 
Mortimer TC30 Turf Cutter - Petrol   £54.00ex £37.25ex £90.00ex £89.40ex
Stihl BG86 Leaf Blower - Petrol £25.00ex £12.50ex £50.00ex £30.00ex
Stihl BR600 Back Pack Blower - Petrol £40.00ex £25.00ex £80.00ex £48.00ex
Stihl FS460 CE-M Brushcutter - Petrol £43.50ex £21.75ex £87.00ex £52.20ex
Stihl HS81R 30” Double Sided Hedge Trimmer - Petrol £48.00ex £24.00ex £96.00ex £57.60ex
Stihl HT101 Pole Pruner - Petrol £42.00ex £21.00ex £84.00ex £50.40ex
Toro Mid Size 36” Pedestrian Flail Mower £92.00ex £45.00ex £180.00ex £108.00ex
Toro Mid Size 48” Pedestrian Rear Discharge Mower £92.00ex £45.00ex £180.00ex £108.00ex
Toro STX-38 Tracked Stump Grinder - Petrol £140.00ex £100.00ex £150.00ex £240.00ex
Viking 655 1G Pedestrian Lawnmower 21” - Petrol £30.00ex £15.00ex £60.00ex £36.00ex
120ltr Poly Scoop Wheelbarrow £3.80ex £1.90ex £7.60ex £4.56ex
Efco 1 Man Earth Auger C/w 100mm Flite £30.00ex £15.00ex £60.00ex £36.00ex
Greenmech CS100 Wood Chipper - Petrol £90.00ex £50.00ex £180.00ex £140.00ex
Indespension Plant Trailer 2600kg £30.00ex £15.00ex £60.0ex £36.00ex
Indespension Plant Trailer 3500kg £30.00ex £15.00ex £60.0ex £36.00ex
Lumag Compactor Plate RP111 - Petrol £22.00ex £12.00ex £50.00ex £30.00ex
Makita EK6100 Disc Cutter 300mm - Petrol £18.00ex £9.00ex £30.00ex £15.60ex
Quazar Stump Grinder Guard £12.50ex £6.25ex £25.00ex £15.00ex
Stihl Disc Cutter 300mm - Petrol £18.00ex £9.00ex £30.00ex £15.60ex
Toro TRX-1000 Dingo Tracked Implement Carrier £150ex £100.00ex £380.00ex £240.00ex
Toro TRX-1000 100mm Chain Trencher Attachment - - £90.00ex -
Toro TRX-1000 Brash Grapple - - £60.00ex -
Traffic Cone 450mm £2.94ex £1.47ex £5.87ex £3.52ex



**TWO FORMS OF ID (driving licence, passport or utilities bill acceptable) AND HIRED IN PLANT INSURANCE ARE REQUIRED TO HIRE OUT FOREST PARK & GARDEN MACHINES**