We are committed to support the government in trying to stop the spread of Coronavirus. For this reason the shop will be open Mon-Fri between 8:00-12:00. Phone lines are being operated for information and enquires. Online sales will continue subject to stock. The shop will be closed for the spring bank holiday on Monday 25th May 2020.
Many thanks Forest Park and Garden Team

Machinery For Hire

Machinery 1 Day Rate Per Extra Day Week Rate (5 days)  Weekend Rate
Earthquake Cultivator - Petrol £37.50ex  £18.75ex £75.00ex £45.00ex
Efco Pedestrian Scarifier Ag50-h60 50cm - Petrol  £64.00ex £32.00ex £128.00ex £76.80ex
Greenmech Arborist 130 Wood Chipper - Petrol 6” £115.00ex £67.50ex £300.00ex £180.00ex
Greenmech Arborist 150 Wood Chipper - Diesel 6” £130.00ex £65.00ex £330.00ex £220.00ex
Greenmech Arborist 200 Wood Chipper - Diesel 6” £170.00ex £90.00ex £390.00ex £250.00ex
Greenmech Arbtrak 150 Tracked Woodchipper - Diesel 6” £190.00ex £112.50ex £430.00ex £300.00ex
Grillo G85d Rotovator - Petrol £80.00ex £40.00ex £160.00ex £96.00ex
Husqvarna 143RII Brushcutter - Petrol  £40.00ex £20.00ex £80.00ex £48.00ex 
Mortimer TC30 Turf Cutter - Petrol   £54.00ex £37.25ex £90.00ex £89.40ex
Stihl BG86 Leaf Blower - Petrol £25.00ex £12.50ex £50.00ex £30.00ex
Stihl BR600 Back Pack Blower - Petrol £40.00ex £25.00ex £80.00ex £48.00ex
Stihl FS460 CE-M Brushcutter - Petrol £43.50ex £21.75ex £87.00ex £52.20ex
Stihl HS81R 30” Double Sided Hedge Trimmer - Petrol £48.00ex £24.00ex £96.00ex £57.60ex
Stihl HT101 Pole Pruner - Petrol £42.00ex £21.00ex £84.00ex £50.40ex
Toro Mid Size 36” Pedestrian Flail Mower £92.00ex £45.00ex £180.00ex £108.00ex
Toro Mid Size 48” Pedestrian Rear Discharge Mower £92.00ex £45.00ex £180.00ex £108.00ex
Toro STX-38 Tracked Stump Grinder - Petrol £140.00ex £100.00ex £150.00ex £240.00ex
Viking 655 1G Pedestrian Lawnmower 21” - Petrol £30.00ex £15.00ex £60.00ex £36.00ex
120ltr Poly Scoop Wheelbarrow £3.80ex £1.90ex £7.60ex £4.56ex
Efco 1 Man Earth Auger C/w 100mm Flite £30.00ex £15.00ex £60.00ex £36.00ex
Greenmech CS100 Wood Chipper - Petrol £90.00ex £50.00ex £180.00ex £140.00ex
Indespension Plant Trailer 2600kg £30.00ex £15.00ex £60.0ex £36.00ex
Indespension Plant Trailer 3500kg £30.00ex £15.00ex £60.0ex £36.00ex
Lumag Compactor Plate RP111 - Petrol £22.00ex £12.00ex £50.00ex £30.00ex
Makita EK6100 Disc Cutter 300mm - Petrol £18.00ex £9.00ex £30.00ex £15.60ex
Quazar Stump Grinder Guard £12.50ex £6.25ex £25.00ex £15.00ex
Stihl Disc Cutter 300mm - Petrol £18.00ex £9.00ex £30.00ex £15.60ex
Toro TRX-1000 Dingo Tracked Implement Carrier £150ex £100.00ex £380.00ex £240.00ex
Toro TRX-1000 100mm Chain Trencher Attachment - - £90.00ex -
Toro TRX-1000 Brash Grapple - - £60.00ex -
Traffic Cone 450mm £2.94ex £1.47ex £5.87ex £3.52ex



**TWO FORMS OF ID (driving licence, passport or utilities bill acceptable) AND HIRED IN PLANT INSURANCE ARE REQUIRED TO HIRE OUT FOREST PARK & GARDEN MACHINES**