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PELLENC Selion 1.5 to 2.0m Telescopic Pole Pruner T150/200

PELLENC Selion 1.5 to 2.0m Telescopic Pole Pruner T150/200

PELLENC Selion M12 Pruner Chainsaw

PELLENC Selion M12 Pruner Chainsaw

PELLENC Selion 2.2 to 3.0m Telescopic Pole Pruner T220/300

The SELION P180 fixed polesaw and the SELION T150/200 and SELION T220/300 telescopic polesaws offer precision cutting. With a reach of up to 14.76 ft, work can be carried out without a carrying harness because of their lightness. SELION polesaws are ideal for use in noise sensitive areas. They are also powerful enough for forestry work.


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Automatic chain tension

The chain guide is mounted on a spring which tightens the chain automatically.

Integrated retractable key

This wrench retightens the chain and gives quick access to the pin and the chain.

Electronic control of oil flow rate

The system adjusts chain lubrication according the cutting force required.

Tilting head multiposition

The tool easily adapts to the working environment thanks to its head, which tilts to +90°/-45°.

Carbon footprint

PELLENC professional power tools eliminate nearly 99 % of direct emissions of greenhouse gases compared with a combustion engine, namely, 86 times less. And, if you recharge your PELLENC batteries with our Solerion solar charger, CO2 emissions are totally eliminated.


1,200 W PELLENC Brushless motor (equivalent to 1.83 in³).

3 models with fixed or telescopic pole.

Up to 14.76 ft high.

Used for pruning olive trees and forest work.

Minimum battery life of one work day.


Uses biodegrable chain oil.

Zero emissions and zero waste.


Multi-position tilting head.

Stability during cutting due to its ligntness.


At least €7 in petrol saved per day.

Time savings.

Low maintenance.

Consumes up to 30% less chain oil.

Max. power – W 1200
Combustion engine equivalence – in³ 1.83
Weight – lbs 7.5
Engine speed – rpm 5400
Length of the pole – in 86.61 to 118.11
Chain speed – ft/s 33.8
Guide length – cm/inches 25 / 10“
Oregon chain
Type / Number of links
¼ ’’ 25AP / 58E
Pins Nine ¼‘’ teeth
Tank capacity – fl oz 8.79
Noise level (LPA)* – dB(A) 80
Guaranteed noise level (LWA)* – dB(A) 93
Vibration level (ah)** – ft/s² ≤ 8.2
Multi-position tilting head +90° / -45°
Telescopic pole
Peristaltic pump
Automatic chain tensioner
Integrated retractable key
Integrated retractable key Up to 2 days

* Values determined according to the acoustic measurement standards DIN EN ISO 11680-1:2002/2009 – Value increased by K=2.5 according to ISO 4871.

** Vibration emission value following DDIN EN ISO 11680-1:2002/2009 – Kd uncertainty = 1.5 m/s².

*** For information: the times were observed in actual working time, without taking breaks into consideration. Battery life is influenced by the nature of the work required.